Managed SSL Certificates

Managed SSL Certificates (DV or SAN)

Managed DV SSL Certificates and Managed SAN SSL Certificates are both types of managed SSL certificates designed to secure online transactions and protect sensitive data. However, they have distinct differences in terms of features, security levels, and use cases. Below is a comparison of these two services:

  1. Validation Level:
    • Managed DV SSL (Domain Validated) Service: DV SSL certificates are the simplest form of managed SSL certificates and only verify domain ownership. They offer basic encryption for a single website.
    • Managed SAN SSL (Subject Alternative Name) Service: SAN SSL certificates can secure multiple domain names with a single certificate. The validation process typically includes domain ownership verification, similar to DV SSL.
  2. Scope of Protection:
    • Managed DV SSL Service: Primarily suitable for small websites, blogs, or personal websites where basic encryption is sufficient. It’s commonly used for securing internal communications or non-sensitive data.
    • Managed SAN SSL Service: Ideal for businesses with multiple domains, subdomains, or different variations of their primary domain. It provides flexibility to secure various domain configurations under one SSL certificate.
  3. Security Features:
    • Managed DV SSL Service: Offers standard encryption to secure data transmission between the server and the client’s browser. It provides basic security against eavesdropping and data tampering.
    • Managed SAN SSL Service: Provides similar encryption levels as DV SSL but with added flexibility to secure multiple domains or subdomains. This can be advantageous for businesses with complex web infrastructures.
  4. Cost and Complexity:
    • Managed DV SSL Service: Generally more affordable compared to SAN SSL certificates. The issuance process is simpler and quicker since it only requires domain ownership verification.
    • Managed SAN SSL Service: Typically more expensive due to the additional features and flexibility it offers. The validation process may take longer, especially if organization validation is required.
  5. Suitability:
    • Managed DV SSL Service: Suited for small businesses, personal websites, or any scenario where a basic level of encryption is sufficient and cost-effectiveness is a priority.
    • Managed SAN SSL Service: More suitable for medium to large enterprises, e-commerce websites, or organizations with complex web architectures that require securing multiple domains or subdomains under a single managed SSL certificate.
Managed SSL Certificates


FeatureManaged DV SSL CertificatesManaged SAN SSL Certificates
Number of Websites SecuredOne WebsiteOne Primary Domain
plus Four Additional Websites
Automated Installation and Ongoing Maintenance
Supports only WordPress and Web Hosting on hosting platforms. (Excludes
self-managed servers and sites hosted elsewhere)
Price per Year$199.99$299.99
All Managed SSL Certificates are provided via our partner Domain Reseller Accounts.


In summary, while both Managed SSL certificates aim to provide secure encrypted connections, they cater to different needs and scenarios. DV SSL is more straightforward and cost-effective, suitable for basic encryption needs, while SAN SSL offers greater flexibility and scalability for businesses with diverse domain structures.