Website Security

Protecting your website from cyber threats is essential in today’s digital landscape. However, choosing the right website security plan is crucial to ensure the safety and integrity of your online presence. Let’s compare our plans to help you make an informed decision:

Standard Website Security:

  • Features: Our Standard Plan offers essential website security features to protect against common threats such as firewall with SSL certificate included, malware scans, and annual site cleanup and remediation.
  • Ideal For: Small businesses, personal websites, or blogs with basic security needs.
  • Price: Starting at $5.99 per month.

Advanced Website Security:

  • Features: Our Advanced Plan includes additional security features such as DDoS protection, content delivery network speed boost and 25 GB of secure backup space.
  • Ideal For: Growing businesses, e-commerce stores, or websites with moderate security requirements.
  • Price: Starting at $17.99 per month.

Premium Website Security:

  • Features: Our Premium Plan is designed for businesses with advanced security needs. Enjoy prioritized cleanup and repair and additional secure backup space.
  • Ideal For: Established businesses, large-scale e-commerce sites, or websites with high-security requirements.
  • Price: Starting at $26.99 per month.
Website Security

Comparison Chart:

Protects One Website
Firewall Prevents Hackers
SSL Certificate included in Firewall
Malware Scanning
Site Cleanups and RemediationAnnualUnlimitedUnlimited
DDoS Protection
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Speed Boost
Secure Backup25 GB200 GB
Prioritized Cleanup and Repair
Price (per month)$5.99$17.99$26.99
All Website Security plans are provided by our partner Domain Reseller Accounts.


Choosing the right website security plan depends on your website’s size, traffic, and security needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan to protect your website from cyber threats. Explore our options further to find the plan that best fits your requirements and keep your website safe and secure.